The Mysterious Stranger


Claymation is scary sometimes.

That is my response to “The Mysterious Stranger”, a segment from 1985’s The Adventures of Mark Twain.

This clip weirded me out when I first saw it many years ago, and it still does. The premise is this: Mark Twain takes unsuspecting children to meet Satan in some in-between nether realm, and creepiness ensues.

Try to resist watching. I dare you.

Keep in mind, this passed as “edu-tainment” for kids back in the 80’s, along with that Rankin/Bass animated version of The Hobbit that still occasionally gives me nightmares.

I think this weird gem speaks to the level of unshackled creative output (drug abuse?) from that decade. This would never pass focus-testing today, and be cast off into the bowels of YouTube. Rather than being celebrated…in the bowels of YouTube.