Taming Your Media Backlog

Image Credit: Mashable

I wanted to share this great post about dealing with entertainment backlogs by Kellen Beck on Mashable.

The last few months have been very busy, without much leisure time. Between my “to be read” pile of books, my “to be played” video game stack, and a near infinite queue of movies and TV, I actually started to feel a bit overwhelmed and guilty about all these things I want to experience.

I couldn’t have run across this post at a better time.

The Buddha said attachment to material possessions kills the soul, and I’d like to think that means he’d never own a DVR.

When you step back and look at the overwhelming sea of entertainment that most people who are lucky enough to have an internet connection (and even some without) are bombarded with, it is mind blowing. I remember only a few decades ago when there was a sense of true anticipation waiting for a new book/movie/game because there weren’t nearly as many releases. Now with the advent of streaming services and indie platforms like self-publishing, we are constantly awash in choice.

Kellen is correct. Coming to terms with the fact that you just cannot do it all is freeing. This revelation has helped me to slow down and really enjoy the entertainment that I do consume.

Do you have a huge entertainment backlog? Does it weigh on you? Don’t let it. It’s all supposed to be fun.