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The Haunting of Hill House


Watch it. Read it. Be terrified by it.

I’m doing both at the same time!

In a rare turn of events, I’ve begun watching the hit horror show “The Haunting of Hill House” while I read the book. This is normally a cardinal sin, as I’m one of those uppity “I want to read the book first” people.

I was convinced to double-dip because the show is different enough from the source material that one won’t fundamentally spoil the other.

So since this post is going up so close to Halloween, let me make a recommendation. If you haven’t found some solid horror this October, you just did.

If you need a good book, go read it. Shirley Jackson set the blueprint for the modern Gothic “haunted house” story. It is phenomenal literature, beautifully written, and oozing with dread. Plus it’s not too gory, for those non-horror folks who are turned off by that stuff.

If you need a new binge-worthy show on Netflix, watch it. Well-written, well-acted, and holy cow it’s scary! Just aces all around. Probably the best horror show to arrive on TV in the past five years.

So stop reading this and go read/watch Hill House now before your jack-o-lantern burns out and you’re left in the darkness.