French Bull Clip On Book Light by WITHIT – Review

Ah, the humble reading light. Such a simple device in theory, but so nuanced in execution.

I’m on a perpetual quest for the perfect reading light. As someone who cannot let go of physical books (although I love my Kindle) I need a light for night reading. The lamp on my nightstand is OK, but often I want to fall asleep and it’s simply too much.

I’ve gone through bunch of clip-on lights, and many of them had significant drawbacks. Recently I purchased a “French Bull” Reading Light from WITHIT, and it has become my go-to clip. Here’s why.


The French Bull clip light is extremely well designed. It is small, and fits perfectly on a paperback without being intrusive. Its wire neck is pliable, but holds firmly in position even after months of regular use. The LED light is also centered on the unit head, and broadcasts light well across small and larger pages. Finally, there are silicone pads on the clip which prevent damage to your book, and the device comes in a number of snazzy colors and patterns


The French Bull is bright. But not TOO bright. It’s a “Goldilocks” brightness with less-than-blue LED, which I find pleasing. It doesn’t keep me awake, and the light is center-down so it stays inside the book rather than broadcasting all over the room. This is perfect for anyone who reads in bed and doesn’t want to keep a partner or kids awake at bed time. It’s also great if you’re reading on a flight or train and don’t want to disturb the person next to you. I have another light that might as well be a camping lantern. It is so bright it keeps me and my neighbors awake. I can successfully drift off while reading and not suffer any eye strain.


The French Bull reading light is powered by two “coin cell” batteries that are widely available, and it has a solid battery life. I’ve had it go a few months on one set with a few hours of use each night. The batteries are easy to replace with no screwdriver needed. While some people like a rechargeable USB, I personally like having an extra set of batteries in my night stand because if the USB light dies, your reading is done for the evening. With the French Bull I can pop in a fresh pair and keep going.


It has survived multiple drops, spilled coffee, and three separate cat attacks. The worst that happened was the battery cover came off during one of the falls and the batteries flew out. The unit still works perfectly fine. The battery cover is not secured by a screw, which might irritate some people, but I don’t mind as it hasn’t come loose on me other than dropping it by accident.

Worth It?

My vote on the French Bull Clip On Book Light by WITHIT is a resounding “YES”. For roughly $10, it has more than paid for itself in the amount of use I have gotten reading with it.

There might be better reading lights out there, but I think you’d be hard pressed to find one that works as well (and looks as sharp) as the French Bull. Recommended if you’re in the market for a book light.