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Jurassic Parking Lot – Flash Fiction


Triceratops are the worst. Seriously, they move like 15 miles per hour, and they take up two lanes! It’s bad enough you trying to pass one, but then you gotta worry about that tail swinging around. They’ll damn near take the front of your car off. That’s why insurance rates are higher than a T-rex’s gonads.

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creative writing

Shiver – Horror Flashfiction


The sound grew louder as he approached the door. An unearthly growl emanated from the basement, rising from the earthen floor and crawling across the stained concrete, up through the wooden door. He carefully stepped forward, the floor creaking beneath his shoes in a shrill warning to stop.

The old glass knob shimmered like a diamond. A chill ran through his body as he grasped it, turning his rib cage to icicles. The growl evolved to a deafening shriek that rattled the door on its hinges as he pulled it open.

The last thing he felt was a shiver run up his spine as it looked up at him from the darkness.

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