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2019 Blog Round-Up and Top Posts

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It’s been another great year in the weird little corner of the internet known as Suburban Syntax.

We got a fresh look and face lift just in time for Halloween. We started talking a little more about film photography along with our primary subject of writing. And last, but certainly not least, we got a LOT of brand new readers and followers! That might mean YOU!

First off, thank you to everyone who drops by and reads these posts, discusses them in the comments, and shares them around. “Suburban Syntax” isn’t something I do for financial gain (does anyone make money blogging these days?) so it’s seeing regular faces drop by and discuss posts that really keeps me coming back and updating it on the semi-regular. You rock, and I hope you stick around.

Adding Photography

Aftering purchasing and inheriting some film cameras this year, I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the interest my posts about film photography have garnered. It’s definitely a niche art form at this point, which is re-growing after bottoming out in the early 2K’s. I’m by no means a great photographer, but it’s an extremely fun hobby to dabble in, and I’m happy to have cross-over with film photo readers – many of whom I’ve begun following to learn more about the craft and cool vintage equipment.

Top Posts

It’s always fun to run the numbers and see which posts were everyone’s favorites.

For 2019, here’s what everyone was reading

Kodak Gold 200 Film Discontinued?

My film folks were in effect. Maybe it was the click-bait-y ? I threw in the title, or the promise of an adventure through local Walgreen’s pharmacies, but this post BLEW UP. It was the best performer by far, ever when it posted a little later in the year.

How to Draft Short Stories

Hot on Kodak’s heels was this short guide on how to draft short stories. This one even got re-posted around the interwebs in a couple places, which was flattering. It’s nice to think that other people might take my advice when it comes to penning short fiction.

Thoughts on Self-Publishing in 2019

In 3rd place was my speculation/opinions on the changing landscape of self-publishing. Authors prefer you call it “Indie” now, but I am stubborn. Scouring a few articles from industry-types that are much more qualified than I am, it seems like a few of my predictions were correct, and things are definitely trending in a certain way. I’m very curious to see what the new decade brings in terms of author’s being able to get traction for their work through the self-publishing route.

What’s Ahead in 2020?

To close this out, I’d like to give a quick teaser on a few of the things I plan to focus on for the blog in 2020.

  • GUEST POSTS – I love guest posts (and guest posting!) so I am hoping to get some other writers in here to voice their opinions on writing and/or photography
  • NEWS POSTS – I make it a point to create “evergreen” content, but it seems like people enjoy the occasional timely “news” post too. I plan to tackle some of those with my own editorial spin on them
  • PHOTOS & REVIEWS – I’m going to continue expanding the photo-related postings where I can, but I’ve been VERY lax about book reviews. I’d like to get back in the saddle of reviewing books, and perhaps cameras and film too.

Thanks again to everyone who is my audience. I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday season, and I look forward to an entering an exciting new decade with you in the  coming weeks!


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Top Blog Posts of 2018


I have never done a “blog roundup” type of post on here before, but I’m inspired by all the ones I’m seeing in my reader, particularly Rust Belt Girl and K.M. Allan who I read pretty regularly.

But I like to do my own thing, and I’m kinda tired today, so lets just talk about the Top 3 Posts of 2018. Who doesn’t love a good list?

1. Social Media Kills Creativity

This post, by far, got more views and comments than any other all year long. I didn’t realize what a reaction it would get when I wrote it back on that Monday in April. I still contend that “the medias” do more harm than good. It seems a bunch of you agree. Except WordPress, of course. Our beloved WordPress can do no harm.

2. How To Quit Facebook (As A Writer)

Another humdinger.

This one dropped in June, and got a bunch of attention. Noticing a trend? I quit Facebook (and later Instagram) and I still stand by that as a good decision. It can certainly be an effective tool for authors, but I think there are better avenues these days that don’t require giving up so much for a “free” service.

3. Why I Started Reading Less Books

We’re finally off social media. Hooray!

Not sure how this one garnered such popularity. Maybe the sheer irony of an author website talking about reading less? Who knows. All I know is it was popular, and this plan of mine is still working out well since I started back in the summertime.

So what does this say about me and you, my audience? Well, for one thing, we’re totally hermits. Clearly we are digital isolationists who are striving to disconnect from the larger world in order to hone our craft and master the art of the written word. That, and we demand quality over quantity. Social media has quantity covered…

But seriously, I want to thank everyone who takes a few moments out of their week to read my insane ramblings. I’ll be sure to use this as some sort of extremely useful data point when I’m brainstorming new insane ramblings for next year. I mean, I do have a flip phone after all, what the hell else am I gonna do with my free time?