Barnes & Noble To Be Like Indie Bookstores


I’ve written previously about the painfully slow demise of Barnes & Noble, and their continued attempts at transformation. It seems pretty obvious, at least when I step into my local stores, that they need to down-size and stop selling toys & games. A book store should focus on selling books. Or is that insanity?

Their new CEO and cut-throat hedge fund owners seem to think this is the right move as well, and in a new article over at Bloomberg it appears that B&N will be turning another corner and trying to mimic independent bookstores. The same type of stores they spent many years putting out of business. Oh, the irony…

I’m torn over this.

I dislike Barnes & Noble, but I dislike Amazon more, for a variety of reasons. That, and at some point B&N stopped instructing their employees to aggressively engage customers about add-ons during every purchase. This was also a good move, because while I’ll never begrudge someone for doing their job, it was just obnoxious trying to buy a $5 paperback and getting the “hard sell” at the register.

I can only imagine my local Barnes and Noble will relocate from the massive shopping mall it currently inhabits, in an attempt to reduce square footage. This would be a good thing as well. I’d prefer to see a more intimate store with some character, and more importantly the flexibility to shelve interesting titles. An emphasis on customer service would be nice too.

Oh and please, PLEASE just finally kill off the Nook. Please. It’s getting sad at this point.

2 thoughts on “Barnes & Noble To Be Like Indie Bookstores”

  1. Ha! The Nook. When it was still fairly new–or only into it’s second model, maybe–I got a hand-me-down Nook from a friend who was getting the latest and greatest (if there ever was such a thing). I’m a real book person, so I rarely used it. But recently I got an email from Barnes & Noble saying that it would no longer even turn on anymore…. And that exemplifies my journey with most tech.

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    1. Hah! While I’m also a physical book aficionado, I definitely love my Kindle Paperwhite too. Especially for traveling, with the built-in reading light. I remember looking at the Nook as well, and couldn’t find ANY of the titles I was currently interested in buying. I think the device was OK but the support and library were just awful compared to what Amazon offers.

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