4 Signs You’re No Longer A Beginning Writer

Another great blog post from KM Allan. These points are really true and definitely come with experience.

K.M. Allan

When you decide to be a writer, you’ve got to start somewhere.

That somewhere usually includes a place where you have no idea what you’re doing, hate everything you write, don’t feel as if you’re a writer—let alone a good one, and someone who feels like it’s a constant struggle to even get words down on the page.

When you’ve been writing for a while, have completed a few manuscripts, queried, had short stories win prizes, poetry published or signed a publishing contract… you still think and feel all these things. The difference is you know what to do about them.

4 Signs You’re No Longer A Beginning Writer

You Know You Have To Fix Things

Hands up if you sent your first queries off with an MS that was pretty much there, but you knew still needed work. You may have figured the agent

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