Notes From A Writers Conference

Author K.M. Allan brings back a slew of great advice from a Writer’s Conference. This covers a bunch of topics from querying manuscripts to do’s and don’t of social media. Check this out, especially if you’re submitting or preparing to query a manuscript.

K.M. Allan

As mentioned in last week’s blog (Preparing For A Writers Conference: What To Take), I attended a writers conference for the first time!

The #KidLitVic2019 event covered writing and publishing for middle grade to YA (my genre), the chance to pitch to agents, and to have publishers assess a part of your completed MS.

I attended the general panels, which were full of tips and tricks about why a publisher or agent will say yes, and the publishing industry.

I will post blogs about those specific topics over the next three weeks, but for now, here are the highlights gleaned from insightful talks by Susannah Chambers, Clair Hume, Zoe Walton, Alex Adsett, Jacinta Di Mase, Jane Pearson, Suzanne O’Sullivan, and Miriam Rosenbloom.

KidLitVic2019 Conference. The Panels.

What You Need To Write…

Both the agents and publishers who spoke across the day agreed on the same thing when it…

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