The Mysterious Stranger


Claymation is scary sometimes.

That is my response to “The Mysterious Stranger”, a segment from 1985’s The Adventures of Mark Twain.

This clip weirded me out when I first saw it many years ago, and it still does. The premise is this: Mark Twain takes unsuspecting children to meet Satan in some in-between nether realm, and creepiness ensues.

Try to resist watching. I dare you.

Keep in mind, this passed as “edu-tainment” for kids back in the 80’s, along with that Rankin/Bass animated version of The Hobbit that still occasionally gives me nightmares.

I think this weird gem speaks to the level of unshackled creative output (drug abuse?) from that decade. This would never pass focus-testing today, and be cast off into the bowels of YouTube. Rather than being celebrated…in the bowels of YouTube.

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“Slay The Beast!” New Microfiction Published


Hey everyone,

My new piece of microfiction,  “Slay The Beast!”, was published and you can read it here for free on

I’d like to thank Tim from 50-Word Stories for picking it up, and I’d encourage all my readers to check out his site. It’s an awesome project, and if you write micro or flash fiction I’d also encourage you to submit something. It’s a fun craft challenge trying to articulate a story in EXACTLY fifty words.