Halloween Horror & Writing


If April is the cruelest month, October is the spookiest.

I certainly believe that, and (yard work notwithstanding) it’s one of my favorite times of the year.

As a horror writer, October is my apex of creativity. “Halloween” unofficially begins for me on October 1st, and runs through the entire month, on a slow burn leading up the the main event on the final night. This month is when horror fans feel the most validated, as people who wouldn’t normally pay much interest to the genre either begin giving it passing glances, or get forcibly roped into scary movie marathons by their friends and AMC commercials.

I use it as an excuse to binge on all things horror-related beyond my normal quotas. I crack open all the DVD and Blu-Ray cases that may have gotten lonesome on the shelf through the summertime, and immediately begin sifting through all the trashiest horror flicks I can add to my Netflix queue. That, and anything in my XBox gets a temporary hiatus as survival horror games rule the roost.

My writing output ramps up in October as well. I’d like to think it’s due an unnameable muse, but it’s probably the pumpkin coffee, or the Reese’s peanut butter cups (especially those new ones with the Reese’s Pieces inside!) Either way, I output many more work as the days go by and we get closer to a night when Dracula’s and Mummies jockey for position against famous Star Wars characters in a race for Twizzlers.

Does October inspire you as a writer? Does watching horror movies or throwing “Monster Mash” on a Spotify playlist get words on the page? Or is it just a preamble to NanoWriMo and turkey in November?

Share your thoughts and super spooky Halloween stories/memories in the comments!


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Self Publishing a Book: Bringing Your Ideas to Life


It has never been easier to self-publish your own writing, and yet the cliche of “working on your novel” is still alive and well. Even with the gatekeepers of traditional publishing removed, a writer’s worst enemy (themselves) is still omnipresent. I’ve recently learned quite a bit after co-authoring and publishing my debut novella, DETROIT 2020. I’d like to share some advice for aspiring authors on turning your ideas into books that you can pester your friends and relatives to purchase.

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