“The Walking Dead” Comic vs. TV


I consider myself of a fan of “The Walking Dead”.

I was introduced to the franchise through the TV series, and around the beginning of Season 3, I was given “The Walking Dead Compendium 1” as a (fantastic!) Christmas present. Once I cracked that book open, there was no turning back, and I’ve found myself becoming increasingly critical of the television show as time goes by.

I know it’s somewhat unfair to compare the two and create an “apples and oranges” argument, but I’m going to anyway since many people have been vocally disappointed with the entire Season 6 finale / Season 7 premiere debacle. I think some of those fans could easily transition to the books and still enjoy “The Walking Dead” story without any of the nonsense that AMC has been putting its viewers through lately.

Here are some reasons I feel “The Walking Dead” comics are superior to the show at this point.

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How to get out of your own way when self publishing — Horror Made

Today’s post comes from Ben Daniels, the author of the new novel, “Detroit 2020.” And he, far better than I could even imagine, lays out the essential steps to self publishing. He’s also a fantastic blogger and shares some very insightful thoughts on horror, writing, and the long-hard-journey of self publishing over on bldaniels.wordpress.com. So, enough […]

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Jurassic Parking Lot – Flash Fiction


Triceratops are the worst. Seriously, they move like 15 miles per hour, and they take up two lanes! It’s bad enough you trying to pass one, but then you gotta worry about that tail swinging around. They’ll damn near take the front of your car off. That’s why insurance rates are higher than a T-rex’s gonads.

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Editing Tips for Self-Publishing


Editing your work is never easy.

If writing your novel or short story is creatively fulfilling, then editing can be considered a meticulous, soul-crushing grind that comes after. It’s ultimately necessary to make that draft into the final polished work you saw in your mind’s eye, before you send it out into the world.

I’ve written about editing for beginning self-published authors before, but not in any real detail. Since I’m in the process of editing both a novel and some shorter works, I felt like now was an opportune time to discuss the process of editing your own work, and put together some tips.

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