Detroit 2020: The Soundtrack

You can follow the soundtrack for Detroit 2020 free on Spotify!


detroit2020coverNow that Detroit 2020 is officially out and a thing ( and available to purchase here ) it’s time to share with y’all some of the more fun/interesting behind the scenes info that probably only my mom will read.

Hi, Mom, I’m sorry the book has a giant dildo in it.

For my writing projects I like to create playlists that feel/encompass to me the world of the story.  It’s nerdy, weird, and artsy fartsy but it really does help me in a couple of really important ways.

1.) Whenever it’s writing time, I kick on the playlist.  I’m no neurologist, but I like to think there’s some sort of neural mapping that gets me in a good writing place, sort of like whenever ABC is played I boogie down with Pavlovian swagger.

2.) Whenever I get stuck and go on my try-not-to-be-stuck-anymore walks, I play the playlist. As I wander around…

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